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Be your own shaman

Today my blog is about the need to be your own shaman. I need to start with the nurture vs. nature debate. I believe that both are involved in the formation of the human personality. Because there are so many variables, of course, the experts all disagree, so it’s all just a matter of opinion at this point.

My sense is that genes are also affected by nurturing. It’s impossible to say which ones but they are all changed by experience. We pass these genes on to our children and so on down the ancestral line but I believe that the genes can be and are changed by experience that occurs to the person.

There are folks including myself who believe in genetic memory. It isn’t necessarily just genes, of course, but one needs to know how important genes are for holding experience. I think our DNA can be damaged by toxins and many of ours are, but the really misunderstood part of the equation is how experience of nurturing can change the basic cellular codes in a body.

So, now we have the brain, the mind, the soul, the DNA and genetics, and all of our cells to thank for our experiences in these bodies. What could go wrong? If one is metaphysically inclined, then we add past lives and karma to that – a perfect storm of genetic mush. In other words, we are incredibly complex, too complex to blame any specific issue for our problems, physical or otherwise.

At some point, one has to grab back one’s power and direct the whole show regardless of inborn proclivities. I believe that we have a higher power in us, more than just cells and genes. It is that particular power that we can work with to reprogram our genes. There comes a point where one might want to go all shaman on this and call back the disfigured, damaged parts of one’s being.

If you are aware, when things went south with you, envision that moment. Look for the damage in your body and soul. Recreate it whole. Call out to your original, pure nature, your in-a-sense baby self before you started making assumptions about how things are and about how it would be for you. Rock yourself in your own arms, sing a soothing song of love to yourself. Tell your baby self it can be or do anything with its dear life.

I’m convinced that in spite of all the intense variables, this simple exercise will help you to regain your original strength and spirit. This doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be a simple habit you might want to perform in your mind when you feel twisted by the many variables. Just do it regularly.

At the very least, you will create within you a happy baby without presumptions. Tell yourself simply that you are the happy baby in your own healing arms. Anything is possible. It will be a new day for you. Disappear all your preconceived excuses about why you are who you are. Now start over fresh with love and wisdom, and walk always by yourself with pride and happiness.


Image by Stefan Keller

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