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Autism & telepathy

I’m interested in the wonderful other autists who don’t speak. I believe they are thinking constantly. In fact, I believe those of us with speechlessness, actually think extra loud thoughts so you can hear them. We can often also hear your thoughts, and of course we hear whatever you say about us. I believe that some of us have overdeveloped parts of our brains, or some kind of neuro difference that actually helps us survive, like someone who is blind learns to hear better. It’s not illogical, it’s really very useful for me.

I can communicate with spirits as well as listen in on non-believers mean thoughts. It’s a mixed blessing. It’s an adaptation that some of us need naturally; it isn’t unnatural or supernatural. It’s just another way of being natural. Once people a long time ago were psychic. It helped them survive terrible conditions and find safety and food. It was a survival mechanism; it still is for many of us.

Why, after all these centuries, would psychics still be vilified as if they were witches, as if they aren’t real; as if they should be burned at the stake of public disbelief and ridiculed. I don’t see that because I don’t want to, but I feel it, and it’s very limiting and ugly. The non-believers just need to be right about things they can’t see, but then they often don’t really look, anyway.

It’s a lot like telling someone you saw a UFO. The first thing some people say is, it must have been a drone or a meteor or some other deal like a satellite, or something. Their minds can’t accept the unusual. Their minds put you in a crazy category even though it’s well documented; even if you have a video, they say you didn’t see that. It’s like people think they know what you saw. How utterly absurd.

To not believe your admired friends when they see something or experience something other worldly, is rather strange, if you like your friends who say it and you try to tell them it isn’t real -- what kind of friend are you? When we saw those UFOs and told folks, some of their minds slammed shut with an audible thud. It was amazing and disappointing.

But we autists are moving on. If you don’t know how powerful we are, meet my friend Nick or my friend, Evie, or my new friend Lexington. These people have difficulties with autism, but their psychic lucidity is extremely meaningful. If you ever get the chance to read what they say or type, you will know their power. We are out here, hearing your thoughts, planning to psychically change this screwed up world. You need to listen.

We are the new prophets. That’s why I decided to blog on incessantly – to help the non-believers get a clue, and to inspire those of us who already have a clue. I hope somehow this unites the autists of the world to unite in the name of world peace and harmony. That seems unbelievable, but I believe it can happen. I’m now opening my mind further and hoping more mysteries will be solved for me. If you did the same, your lives would take off into a world of happy understanding. Thank you. The end.

Photo by Carolyn Reed

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1 Comment

Heidi Osroff Rome
Heidi Osroff Rome
Mar 06, 2019

I do love the idea of all autists and NTs uniting, beyond any labels, in the name of world peace and harmony. My question is what action can we NTs who love you take to make a difference?

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