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Ask the angels

For Baby Weylin

The dawn of a new day is at last here. The tides will turn in the direction of peaceful sands that await the calm waters coming to comfort the earth. I have faith in this. There is so much suffering today, I need to reassure those in pain that a new day will come.

The grass fights through the soil to find the sun. The flowers open slowly to let in the day. The center of each flower is a mandala of wisdom. You only have to look.

There are terrible times to get through to witness this miracle of the unfolding but remember that often the best miracles are preceded by sheer pain and horror and proper energy direction and prayer.

Prayer actually does work. I know this. My mom figured out once that it was important to ask the specific angels of the actual person you are praying for to help them. But you should ask out loud even if it’s a whisper. They are waiting to help.

The never-ending drama of life transpires before your eyes when you observe nature. Spring always rises. The soul in all things rises every day into some new form. The energy always lives in the eternal world to keep it alive.

Here is the challenge: to pray effectively. I’m thinking that prayer actually helps most when you can utilize meditation and visualization. My parents started praying like regular Christians when I got really sick as a baby. I got a febrile seizure and a few months before that I had pneumonia.

Both times they thought I would die, it was so awful. Even recently they thought I might die and they prayed and they stayed, and they suffered and they cried, and they realized life without me would be too sad. Their love also saved me. Miracles happen.

I’m not sure if you meditate when you need big prayers, but if you do, visualize a beam of healing light centered on the head of the sick person or sick body part. Imagine that light has all the healing energy of the universe. That beam of light is the sun on the center of the flower that grows, that opens. All will be well.

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