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Coyote fighters

Updated: May 1, 2019

The wonders of the animals never cease to amaze me. I have a cat named Smokey Joe and a dog named Theodore the Rabbit. They are hilarious. I’m so glad to have pets. These two guys are wonderful. The cat is a long-haired black and the dog is a little Bichon Frise. The cat is larger than the dog but they are best friends. They have animal rights here.

One time they almost lost their rights after a coyote came after them. We heard hysterical barking and then the sound of a dog crying out in pain. My parents went out on the deck and saw a giant coyote hovering over the little dog who was barking. The coyote was skinny but big. You could almost see the saliva dripping from his mouth as he hovered over Theo.

The sound of the dog crying in pain is what alerted my folks to go out on the deck and see that coyote and yell and yell at him to go away. They screamed so loud the coyote scaled back over the fence with ease. It’s a tall fence but nothing for that guy.

We checked the dog and he was fine. We had thought maybe he got hurt from that crying sound. Then we realized the cat was gone and looked and found him. He had been the one to cause the hurt dog sound, which had actually come from the coyote.

His front fang was sticking straight out. He had broken it fighting the coyote. His back claws were disconnected. He had clawed that coyote and hurt him bad. Eight hundred dollars later the cat is fine; the dog never got a scratch, and they are both heroes. The cat saved the dog and the dog saved the cat.

We went online to buy a coyote vest with spikes for the dog and got a large cage for the cat so he could go outside on the deck, but they hated it. After some time, we gave up on the spiked vest and the cage and just let them have their animal rights back. After all, they won that fight with the beast. Now they are happy again, chasing each other around the yard like a couple of puppies. It’s too adorable.

What this drama brings to mind is the way people try to keep others safe – sometimes by restricting their freedoms because it’s in their best interest, they say. Our pets’ freedom from restriction brought back their joy of life. They aren’t afraid. We try not to be.

The animals are the heroes of that day. I will never forget, and the lesson about the dangers of freedom and restriction have become very clear. Better to have the freedom with a sense of danger than restriction and some sense of safety. The best thing about animals is they don’t argue. They just leer at you until you do what they want. They are the coolest people of all.

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