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Angry ghosts

I’m thinking about the millions of people today who have been killed in the genocides of the planet. What must all those people think, dying all at once by the thousands? Do they gather together with the other murdered ghosts? Do they comfort one another when they realize they are dead? Do they move on to other places in the heavens or do they form groups of souls who plot revenge?

I believe that many of the angry lost souls do create soul groups intensely bent on revenge. These groups do not necessarily move on for post-death processing and reflection and healing before they abruptly instead reincarnate with a mission of revenge. They come for their oppressors and won’t know for sure who they are in another life, but eventually decide on a common group enemy and then torture that enemy into oblivion.

It also is partly that they just want their lives back right away and can’t wait. But these victims of mass death are not understanding how to process their pain and rage and they come back as angry as they were when they died. Of course, the revenge is distorted and not always delivered to the evil perpetrators of the genocides. The souls just come back wanting to be the conquerors of whatever weakened populations they can find.

This accounts for really angry, violent civilizations of victims looking for perpetrators. It gets unclear in new lives, so these victim souls just pursue missions that will kill as many people as possible. Sometimes, the frightening leaders of genocides get reborn before processing and then you have full blown political ramifications when that happens. Those leaders do what they feel they must: get revenge on humanity. That is a very miserable predicament. It throws history into total chaos as those disturbed souls repeat the horrendous activities of mass death.

I think if all this is true, that it explains many senseless wars going on now and it explains the racial intolerance that many still have against other groups of people. There are so many vendettas to fulfill. Imagine a war planet. You’re on it. In the event that these angry souls don’t come back right away, they may reach an understanding that revenge is futile and it’s time to exchange anger for love.

I fear that is not happening here and that anger and revenge will follow so many souls into the afterlife that come back here too soon. It is a war cycle; it is a dictator cycle; it is a sorry freaking sight. I can’t stand it. I think that the world of reprocessed rage is not self-correcting. People don’t just reincarnate angry with revenge. If that doesn’t screw stuff up enough, they always have genetic memory in their DNA to piss them off.

I don’t know the answer but people are correct to want salvation. That’s for sure. That’s what you call planetary karma. You probably thought you just needed to worry about your own karma. Surprise! It’s more complicated than that. I’m so sorry. The world needs a new karma. How can we make it to the ends of our lives in peace and love? And how can we come back here with that in our hears to remake this war planet in the image of love and peace? I do not know how, but if there ever were a way to transform this pattern, we would all be so relieved. If only there were a way.

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