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Ahead of the times

We only refer to supernatural issues in supernatural terms, but all things that occur are natural or they wouldn’t occur. It is an established fact that energy cannot be killed; it merely transforms. Nature proves this over and over again. It is also an established fact that nature is made up of fractals. Every leaf has the same pattern. Every branch has the same pattern. Even the ridges along the mountain skyscape form a fractal pattern.

If we had microscopes attached to our eyes, we would see cellular and atomic fractals, all mathematically understandable by people who do equations. There are real patterns everywhere that people do not doubt because they can see them when they are pointed out. What bothers me is that we could live in such a marvelous world and not believe other dimensions are equally marvelous and existent. The immensity of what has already been scientifically accepted is amazing.

What today we think of as supernatural will someday become a scientifically proven fact. There will be understanding that people are telepathic and psychic and can predict things. It will become a normal condition for many of us as we do evolve toward the unproven realms of psychic phenomena. Imagine if 500 years ago you tried to describe the atomic structure of things to people without microscopes. Imagine trying to explain a world they couldn’t see. I predict someday we’ll all see it.

People would have burned you alive for heresy back then for something they thought was supernatural. It’s just sometimes slow, this acceptance of new things. Our minds don’t want our teachers, parents, ancestors to be wrong. They don’t want the ones they trust to keep the lid on their imaginations but they allow it. The security of the proven wins out.

These days seem to require a quicker response to discoveries we need as a species. I believe we can do this but we may have to follow the dreamers this time and prove them right later. I speak to you as a non-speaking autistic using a long-since vilified form of communication called Facilitated Communication. Most people who have known me judge me by my autistic behaviors and make assumptions about my intellect.

And they think, well, science doesn’t credit her communication, why should I? But you see the terrible irony here? I myself am supernatural, but yet to be validated by science or even many people who think they know me. Unlike those who have failure of vision, failure of imagination, I reflect a direct rebellion in the face of your undiscovered, yet to be validated science.


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