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Ageism in the Court of Covidia

Unmasked people in public pose a threat to my parents who can’t go anywhere without fear. The other day my mom thought she’d go to the park she loves for a walk by the river with masked and promising-to-be-distant friend.

The parking lot was so full of unmasked non-distancing teenagers with inner tubes (who had just come off a bus), that she couldn’t even get out of her car. It terrified her after all this time staying at home, trying to stay well. She drove home disgusted.

Her friend with hurt feelings didn’t understand. She knew there were open spaces further away to walk, but still my mom wouldn’t get out of the car. She knows people don’t care about seniors.

Seniors are so disposable in this Covid crisis. Yet so many go out unmasked even though Covid is resurging in so many states. We’re lucky our numbers are down here, but reopening is putting us all in danger. People just don’t think they could get someone else sick if they are young and feel good. This is not true.

We need to obey the health authorities because they are the ones who understand the reality of the situation. Many people feel fine and yet can still spread the virus. I think those maskless people are so stupid they don’t even know what the word, “asymptomatic” means.

Perhaps it’s the lies our government told us. They didn’t even tell us we needed masks until Covid was a couple of months ongoing. Then no one believed it. It became a symbol of fear or freedom, depending on your IQ or if you could read more than a couple of sentences of news.

The mask is not only an IQ test, it’s an empathy test. If you don’t wear one, we must assume you don’t care about other people or you are seriously stupid. My mom’s friend is so irritated with her. She thinks, “I feel fine. I live with my grandma and uncle and baby and they all feel fine. What’s the big deal? Don’t all those teenagers feel even better?” She thinks my mom is paranoid and ridiculous. So not only does my mom not get a walk, but she gets gaslighted by people who think she's crazy.

It’s so cruel to cull the herd, as they say. What that means is simple Darwinian facts of survival of the fittest, and culling the herd is a term for cows and letting the old and sick cows die. Well, my parents are not cows and they are not sick yet, but they are old and if you go near them without a mask, you are threatening them, so back the hell off and go party in some other world where there isn’t a pandemic.

No one ever wore a mask in our little neighborhood. Our next door neighbor who was moving in fact had garage sales every day for three months at the height of the pandemic. No one wore masks. We couldn’t even garden in our front yard there were so many unmasked people. We started to call it Covidia Court. This has been one big gaslighting bullshit situation where the aged are made to feel paranoid and everyone else is normal and happy and walking around in a viral miasma of extreme disregard and ignorance.

If people only thought what it’s like for the vulnerable: They are still prisoners of their own homes and it’s because others just won’t wear masks. They don’t care and that’s all we can assume, so too bad for all of us. Their time will come someday. They will be old, too.


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