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A sacred obligation

We have a chance to change the destiny of the planet. It is part of our fate to change it, to alter the dark circumstances that have led our civilization astray since the dawning of recorded history. We’ve always been warriors. It’s as intrinsic to our fates as the animal instinct to survive. In fact, it is paired genetically on that level, as if warrior aggression were mandatory to our very species.

Some of course are more predisposed to this tendency, while others are among the more peaceful kind of humans with those genes in a sort of benevolent remission. Our sacred obligation to this planet and to our species needs to expand to the universe if we wish to survive. We cannot enter outer space and other planets with a warrior mentality. It will prevent all progress.

The high cost of eternal war prohibits scientific adventure into outer space. War and pollution also inhibit scientific solutions for research into disease and nutrition, as we all mutate in these toxins, eating crappy food and becoming obese and infertile.

It is time to switch off our violent DNA and put on our adult clothing in robes of resplendent peace, to love another without regard for borders or land or war or politics. Time is running out. The meek need to step up and inherit the earth.

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