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A great day to be alive

Today is my 32nd birthday. I’m so glad to be alive, and to be back here with you writing this blog. I have learned that I am vulnerable to ill health. I was so ill, I thought I was dying. I don’t exactly know why I got sick but no one else here got sick. It was an awful week, but the most important thing about it was the realization of how much I’m valued in my family. My dad, mom, and brother wouldn’t leave my side. They prayed, they brought me water, they gave me liquid nutrients and they basically sort of freaked out.

Sometimes, I believe these things happen for a reason, maybe not, but when you go through a situation where you can imagine death, even if it’s unrealistic and you think it’s real, then you get better and it’s like a sudden transformation. It’s a thing, really, like someone in extreme danger who survives their mishap and then never takes safety for granted again. My folks were so worried they wanted the old me back even with my unusual behaviors.

I’m quite sure that others have experienced this as well: the proverbial wake up call. It’s a real deal, a transformative deal. The interesting thing I wonder about is what makes us ever take life for granted. When I realized how scared my family was, I was scared, too. Then they all finally came in my room just to be near me and to check on me.

My big brother was so sweet and worried, he couldn’t sleep. He brought in one of his powerful healing paintings and stood it up on my floor to help me feel better. My mom slept on the floor all night next to my bed. My dad checked on me a hundred times, brought me water, and prayed for me. Even the animals were worried.

I have an awful way of being sick, as if I leave my body. They were so disturbed to see me sleeping with my eyes open. I never get sick anymore hardly, so we were pretty surprised when a supposed stomach virus lasted a week and such like that, and no one else caught it. I’m amazed at the extent we are attached to one another in crisis. I’m impressed by this deep, loving dedication.

Times like these really have powerful effects on all of us, almost as if the four of us were one life-seeking spirit that came together as one great spirit. And one last thing, people. Don’t get sick, but if you do, use it to learn about stuff that’s horrible that you get through, anyway, and just be glad.

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1 Comment

Gary-Marge Osborn
Gary-Marge Osborn
Apr 08, 2019

So happy you are feeling better. God is so good to give us our families because they really care about each other. Pray you had a wonderful day today

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