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Wasting water

Get the hell off my lawn, I’m too old for this crap, they say, get the hell off the holy grass. The toxins are in there after you spray it. The animals walk on it. You waste time, energy, and water on it. The lawns of America are actually about to be part of the huge problem. I believe the summer will be sweltering and the droughts will cause more forest fires.

There will be a day this summer when we will need to conserve water. But no one will stop watering their lawns, anyway. Their own little American paradise will be green for now. There will come a day when lawns are illegal and that day will be too late. Then you won’t have to waste so much effort on destructive things. You could just cultivate some flowers here and there, and let nature take its course.

Your houses would be wonderful encased in weeds and naturally growing things. Your house might be surrounded by natural prairie grass or large trees that volunteer in your old lawn. It would help if we could just start now but I know how hard it is to xeriscape everything. It is a lot of expense and effort. The truth is your HOA won’t let you do that, or if you could do it, someone else would complain and authorities would come and make you cut that prairie grass down.

Imagine if we just let all our lawns grow tall and wild. There is so much we could do to save our natural resources. This would be a great start: Plant trees instead of grass seeds, cut nothing down, just leave it alone. Let it be wild again. It would be so good for the environment, so helpful for the future.

If home owners quit paying for lawns, they could instead buy indigenous plants that don’t even need watering. It would be more beautiful and would help save the environment. I envision a day when historians will speak of our society like archaeologists discuss Easter Island where all the resources were sacrificed for the one obsession. We’ll be immortalized in some museum in the form of tiny, wax sculptures, each one of us with a lawnmower and some herbicide in our hands. The caption will read, this is one of the reasons they ran out of water.

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