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Sweet mercies

Today’s blog involves the guest without pity, the visitation of an event you can’t quite figure out. It’s the event that takes you years to unravel or maybe only days if you’re lucky. The event challenges all your wise compassion you thought you had, the compassion that sees beyond one’s own ego – the sweet mercies we offer all beings under the great sky.

One practices self-regulation to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone. One even sometimes prays for all beings to experience joy and avoid suffering and then one day an event challenges all that. In the event itself there is perhaps a huge threat to that happiness and peace of mind so long formulated, you think, to perfection, but the event challenges all that and leaves you feeling vile in your inability to overcome the negativity it inspires; actually releases.

So, there you are, gaslit by reality, maybe still have to keep reincarnating until you get that right, you vile person! Offended aren’t you by your mistake? How quickly one can move from acceptance to resistance. We are all imperfect. We cannot always be the smooth surface of a slippery duck’s back, I say. Mercy must fall on your shoulders at such times. One must forgive one’s self and move on. No one is above anger or remorse, Even Christ threw tables, people.

In the final analysis, events shake our faith and patience. We are human, it is natural, we are not above normal emotions, nor should we be. Normal emotions are part of being human. The outrageous is supposed to outrage. Cope with it.


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