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Life goes on

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Today I’d like to continue my conversations about death. I feel so many people fear it unnecessarily. As I said in my last blog, life does go on, for the spirit goes on forever. The choice becomes yours whether or not to believe me. I’m wondering if in my last blog maybe religious folks might have been offended to think that their saviors or gods were only one version of afterlife reality.

I presented a large apartment house as a metaphor and probably the fact that my opinions are different from many religious ones is no doubt disturbing to them to believe that there isn’t just Christianity as the ruling force. I’m sorry, it’s too bad if people can’t handle that. This blog is for the truth.

The point is that your belief systems create reality for you, not just in this world but in the afterlife. This doesn’t mean Jesus or Allah aren’t really out there in spirit to greet you. I’m aware that they are. It’s just that the greeters in the afterlife want you to be rewarded for your spirituality in the afterlife.

Dead relatives, of course, also meet you and dead animal friends. They aren’t the same spirits greeting everyone. They are specific to the person. They are real, just as real as embodied spirits. They are there to help you. I’m sure that some of them function in your birth body lives as guides and protectors. I feel I have many spirits of certain ancestors by my side. They want to protect me and guide me. I feel lucky that way.

Of course, my autism, which is severe, requires a special effort on their part. This is not to say that there isn’t a different belief on the part of the rest of the world, but there are also many who know this. I’m intrigued by how they know it, and how I’m able to perceive this. But it’s really worth considering if you are afraid of death.

It’s very likely that you will feel differently if you have a belief in the afterlife. It’s pretty hard not to believe when you see ghosts and talk with them. And ask a little kid If she sees ghosts. She or he does, and will usually tell you if you ask gently. I also know that loved ones might come to greet the dying who can see them just before or near their death. My grandma waved at people who we couldn’t see before she died, my mom said. I thought that was pretty cool. That made me feel good knowing she would be with her loved ones.

Agnostics do okay in the afterlife, because for them, anything can happen. They have no definite beliefs but are open to all possibilities. That’s really smart, I think, since all possibilities actually exist. You can enjoy time better without preconceived dogmas here or in the afterlife. I think that whatever happens in the afterlife will be good for the most part if one can avoid the evil entities in certain planes.

It’s been said in many books guiding the dead to follow the light at the end of the tunnel. I say follow the love at the end of the tunnel. It will be okay. I know, I’ve died thousands of deaths. So have you all. We will be one family of spirits one day and we will love all of us. I usually hang out dead for awhile on other death planes so I can reincarnate back with my family I go with. We are a group incarnation. We move through the centuries together learning real love. I’m so happy that it is so.

art by Carolyn Reed

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