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Darcy rocked her poetry reading!_edited.

Darcy Reed is a proud, non-speaking autistic woman who has been typing to communicate since she was a small child. Today, she has accomplished much as a poet of merit and as an author of over 125 blogs. Her words ring true. Unlike many autistic writers, Darcy's insights and interests do not simply focus on autism, but cover a wide range of topics from the metaphysical to the editorial. Her perceptions, as revealed through metaphor, dreams and intuition are profound.

It is her stated mission in life to communicate her thoughts and feelings through these blogs and through her poems. She reveals her own experience and personal history through many of these entries, particularly the blogs about autism.

Darcy's dependence on caregivers to publish and respond to comments on social media unfortunately limit the direct or timely replies to many followers, but readers are welcome to add their names to our contact form for our future mailings, or you may reach Darcy's assistants at


Her work is produced every morning and then she is done. Keeping up with readers on social media is not always easy for her, but she wants them to know that she loves them, whether she responds individually or not, and everyone's comments are read aloud to her or shown on a large TV screen. Please feel free to contact Darcy directly by friending her on Facebook.

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